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Pondering Life, Wondering About Things

If humans are here to simply live our lives, and pass on our genes, why do we go on living well beyond our child bearing days? I’m talking women here, obviously, men may help create babies, but that don’t carry them inside their bodies, until the time for that child to come out into the world …

Men might and do, go one having sex well beyond the length of time required for their genes to be sufficiently around, to keep them in the gene pool, and proactive … Women though often remain around their family, providing some support in the raising of the next generation, and even the next, thus doing good work as gene protectors.

Men on the other hand are sometimes destroyers of their offspring, which seems a counter intuitive thing to do for sure. Sometimes, such men may not actually be biological fathers of such children, which makes a macabre kind of sense, for sure – killing off the children of another male, rather than raising them, at a financial cost you don’t wish to pay – yeah, tick to that one.

But of course there is far more to living a life, than simply procreation. There is doing good for yourself, and others, including your community, big or small. Working, paid or unpaid, to make things, or do things other people need and will pay for, of be thankful for, Good things happening there, for sure.

One of the Eucalyptus trees at our place. (writer’s photograph)

Planting trees to provide shade for others many years after you have died? A very good thing to do! We didn’t plant that particular tree, but we have planted some, for sure, since moving here. Tress help provide good things – fuel for burning, if needed, habitat for creatures, including birds, inspiration, even for those of a creative bent. If I was a painter, I’d paint some of the trees around my place for sure!

And trees help bring more oxygen into the world, which is a fine thing, in my opinion! Trees give, and give, and give, while humans take, and take, and take … in some ways it definitely seems unfair, the way a human may casually chop down a tree, or many trees, to make room for a road, a building, a home, a crop …

Humans sometimes don’t seem to even consider the good they are removing from our world, when they go about their tree chopping. Is there anything I can do to halt this? Or will it be an end time, when humans finally realise the error of our ways, when the oxygen begins to deplete, and we have nothing left to breathe?

Destroying Nature has been going on for a great many years, and doesn’t look like stopping soon. Humans are so greedy, they want everything, and never, or only rarely, put any thought into what they can give … My somewhat odd hope is that Nature manages to stay safe, enough of it anyway, before mankind manages to destroy Nature …

A vain hope? I fear it may be, but hope to be wrong about that. May the young people set to take over the world when these current destroyers die off, not take on misdeeds of those who came before them.

That’s enough for now, time to get back to life, now that I am no longer the only human in the house! I hope to be back here soon, and not leave it so long, before leaving another piece on this blog.

I must confess, I’ve been spending much more time at my newest online writing ‘thing’ here: and while this site is giving me many new readers than my blogs do (and a tiny bit of money as well), my blogs are my own thing and I don’t actually need any money from my online interactions anyway.

My life is good, and I hope to help others have good lives too, with my words, or my presence.