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Why I Don’t Really Complain About The Weather

As a Stoic, if only of only a few years, I realise complaining about the weather is a pointless and decidedly ‘unStoical’ thing to do. if I can’t change it, and it wasn’t anybodies fault, who could a person complain to, anyway?

If person is religious, I supposed one might complain to their God, if for instance they’d prayed for a particular kind of weather to happen, and it didn’t …

God’s fault? More the ‘fault’ of Nature, or really, possibly the fault of mankind, some of it, these days … If you want rain, plant trees fifty years ago, is how the story goes …

We have rain happening at the moment. It’s cold outside, the wind has a biting chill to it. And sure, I’m commenting about it here, on this blog, but that’s what I said it is, a comment. I’m not complaining as such.

I accept that it is winter in my country, and in winter, it often rains. If it wasn’t raining at all, that would be more of a problem, for some of the people around where I live.

I live in the country, and there are paddocks around the place here, that have had seed sown in them, and the rain is good for the seeds, to grow. And sunshine as well of course, but rain help a lot.

And while I’m not a farmer, I have plants that need water, and if Nature is going to do the watering for me, wow, that’s great!

Being a Stoic is a liberating thing for me – the finding of fault becomes simpler, and knowing I am not responsible for many things, means they are burden I don’t need to take on.

I do see many people who don’t understand this, and I am so sorry for them. At a recent meeting I was at, I mentioned Guilt, which is something I’m considering writing a book about, and ‘Catholic Guilt’ was mentioned, and laughed about.

I smiled along with those laughing, but as a non-religious person, brought up by parents not actively involved in Christianity, though believers in it, to some extent, I certainly don’t feel such guilt myself.

I’ve taken my parental non-believing further, and name myself an Atheist, and am content with that attitude. And if it turns out I was wrong, I hope my life will be seen as a good one, with little sin, and some good deeds done for others.

I believe in Nature/Science, and Good, and who needs to believe more than that?I sure don’t, my needs are well served and I live a good life.