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Poetic Response To Well Known Book

Meditations, some poetic thoughts on Stoicism.

Thank You Marcus!
Mindfully consider your actions,
Embrace life, think on the power of
Doing good for others, & yourself.
Initiate community actions, & 
Take on tasks as & when you can.
Adopt better ways of being, &
Tread a signposted path of good –
Imagine what, how, who, & why
Often & if you see a job, do it!
Notice others sometimes will help
Sometimes not, but do it anyway!

This is a new poem, it seems today is a bit of a ‘new poem’ day for me, this is the second one I have posted to one of my blogs … The other one was a response to something I read on another blog, one I visit sometimes, where there are many poetic things happening.

The other poem I posted was in the same poetic form, the Acrostic poem, as this one is. The other poem was written using the word NATURE, with the letters of the word forming the first letter of every line in the poem, as the poem above was written using the words MEDITATIONS, which of course was written by my hero in Stoicism, Marcus Aurelius.

Poetry and deeper thinking can go together well, where you have to consider, and reconsider every word, to write a good poem, worth sharing. I feel this one is a good poem, and worth sharing, and of course I hope others agree. And if they don’t, so be it, life is for living, not regretting!

Author: carolyncordon

Wife, mother, writer, dog enthusiast. Spending too much time on writing and not enough time on vacuuming. Apparently. I can't see a problem. I have suffered in my life, I have had wonderful things occur in my life. Concentrating on the wonderful things makes it easier for me to live a great life.

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