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Think, Then Act, If Needed

The Stoic way is to think on matters, and act only if needed, not to react immediately without thought – that is the animal way, not the wise human way. If a person can take in an action, hold the thing in their mind, think on it, and then speak, or do, as is required, the end result will be a better one.

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This process leads to wiser decisions, better decisions for self, for family and friends, for community, for the world … if a loved one does something stupid, don’t blast them with hate, settle down, think about why they may have done the stupid thing, and find ways to help them find remedies for the consequences of their stupidity.

The same with friends, others, governments, everything. Thoughtless reaction, unless it’s because your life is in immediate danger, is rarely if ever as useful or wise, as action taken after considered thought.

When reaction is immediate, you will rarely, if ever, have all of the necessary facts required to make the wisest decision. So heed to the thought – “Reasoned action, beats thoughtless reaction!”



Author: carolyncordon

Wife, mother, writer, dog enthusiast. Spending too much time on writing and not enough time on vacuuming. Apparently. I can't see a problem. I have suffered in my life, I have had wonderful things occur in my life. Concentrating on the wonderful things makes it easier for me to live a great life.

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